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Zilarr Clip-On Colorful Hair Extensions

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DIY Your Own Hairstyle!

Every day is a new day, and so are you. The combination of different colors and straightness of Zilarr hair extensions gives you almost unlimited choices for your look today. Getting bored with your current hairstyle or hair color? Just clip on a hair extension, new look done, and perfect! 

Premium Quality

Zilarr clip-on colorful hair extensions make of high quality synthetic heat-resisting and non-toxic fiber, without any chemical treatment. The hair feels so soft, light and smooth. Never worry about tangles or shedding anymore. Just enjoy your instant highlight without any chemical dye to damage your hair.

Easy to Use

It's so easy to use Zilarr Clip-on hair extensions that anyone can do it within 2 minutes. 

Easy to Wash and Care For

Wash and care for your hair extension just like your own hair. A little mild shampoo and conditioner will do the work. Wash in warm water and let them naturally dry on a flat towel. Don't blow-dry it, dye it or wear it during sleep.


Each clip is 22 inches long X 1.3 inches wide

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Zilarr Clip-On Colorful Hair Extensions

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Zilarr Clip-On Colorful Hair Extensions

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Zilarr Clip-On Colorful Hair Extensions

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Zilarr Clip-On Colorful Hair Extensions