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DIY Fabric Ornament Maker

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Make a fabric ornament in the shape of elfins, princesses, or animals using this Fabric Ornament Maker! Turn 2d patterns into cute 3d fabric ornaments in a few minutes. The adorable patterns, pretty colors, relaxing making process, or even the crunchy sound will keep you hooked, making it one of the most fun DIY sets you can find! You can hang it on your bag as a decoration, stick it to your notebook, wear it as an accessory to your outfit or even use it as a fridge magnet. This an excellent gift for girls of all ages! No girls can say no to it :)

What's included in the package

1 Full Set of Fabric Ornament Maker, incl:
- 1 X work station
- 1 X pen
- 6 X Patterns
- Cloth Sheets of 7 Colors
- 6 X Stickers
- Magnets, Chains, & Diamonds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Juliet Keeling

Very easy to make, my daughter loves it!

A. Ford

My daughter has been waiting for it ever since I made the order. She's so happy when it arrived!

Joseph L. Agostini

I like how it's something the kid can handle by themselves. She's really focused when she's working on it and she's so proud of her work!

Cooper Proulx

It has everything in the package, and you can make 6 different patterns, pretty fun!


It's so cute and adorable