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DIY Moon Light

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Create your own MOON! The product comes with everything you need and the DIY process is simple and fun. This is a great gift for anyone who has ever wanted a moon lamp, or as a unique piece of home decor. It makes a beautiful light that you can turn on and off when you want, or keep it dim all day to match your mood.

What's included in the package

Complete DIY set for the moon lamp, which includes:
- A wooden lamp base
- Light strip
- DIY raw materials
- A stand and a hook
- Power cable

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A Fun And Satisfying Project

The product comes with everything you need to make this beautiful moon light, plus the DIY process is simple and fun. It's a project that can be easily accomplished by anyone - no matter how much experience you have with crafts! Even you have zero craft experience before, it will only take you 10-15 minutes to complete the project and hold your own moon light in hands. Do it yourself to enjoy a serene moment or make it with your partner together to create a fun memory! The completed lamp looks so realistic, and also serves as a great functional dimmable light.

Tasteful Lamp, A Great Piece Of Home Decor

This moon lamp's pretty design adds to a festive mood, while its dimmable lighting helps create an ambiance fit for any occasion. The finished lamp is equally perfect for using as a night light, decorating your room, or using as a temporary holiday decoration. The lamp can either sit on the table with a stand or be hung up on the wall with a hook. Of course, we provide both stand and hook as a gift for the order!

A Meaningful Handmade Gift

One's favorite childhood memory of stars and moons will be back with this moon lamp. What gift can be more romantic than a moon light? And what gift can be more meaningful than a handmade moon light?! Whenever your special one turns on the light, the light will remind them of its beautiful creator - you! Perfect gift for either your special one or kids.

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- Diameter of the light: 13.8"/ 35cm

- Thickness: 1.2"/3cm 

DIY Instructions

(All material mentioned below are provided in the package)

  1. Tear off the tape of the light strip and stick it to the lamp base
  2. Draw the crescent moon shape on the base
  3. Fill the clay in the crescent moon shape area on the lamp base
  4. Poke a few holes on the moon to make "meteor craters" 
  5. Mix the quartz sand & acrylic paint, and stir thoroughly
  6. Brush it on the surface of the moon to make it "sandy"
  7. Done!


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Juliet Keeling

Can't believe it's my first piece of decoration in my new home! Love it so much

Sarah Keebler

Looks so real. It's actually easier to make than I expected

Kendall Glover

I hung it up in my garden and I felt so happy every time I saw it :D

Sherman Kassulke


Margot Jast

perfect, good quality. came very fast.