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Indoor Hanging Ping Pong Trainer

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Introducing the indoor hanging ping pong trainer - the perfect solution for families looking to enjoy fun of exercise anytime, anywhere! Simply attach it above your door and adjust the hanging string to the perfect height for the player. This ping pong trainer is perfect for improving your kids' focus, reaction time, and eye-hand coordination. It's also a great way to relax your eyes and strengthen the bond between parents and kids. And thanks to the hanging string, you can fully enjoy the game without constantly chasing after the ball. When you're not using it, simply press the button to rebound the ball and store it away, taking up no extra space. Get your indoor hanging ping pong trainer today and bring the fun of ping pong to your home!

What's included in the package

- 1 X Ping Pong Trainer w/ Ball
- 2 X Ping Pong Bats
- 2 X Extra Balls
- 1 X Hanger
- 1 X Tape

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Enjoy some Ping Pong fun with your kids starting today!

The Toy Your Kids Need -> Exercise + Fun + Bonding!

Strengthen your bond with your loved ones as you play ping pong and create memories that will last a lifetime. Sharpen the kids' focus and reaction time with the game of ping pong, and improve their overall coordination and hand-eye coordination. Relax your eyes and reduce strain with a fun and enjoyable activity that the whole family can enjoy together. 

Convenient Setup & Thoughtful Design

Adjust the hanging string to the perfect height for any player, from kids to adults, and enjoy a game at your own level. Eliminate the hassle of chasing after the ball with our hanging string design, allowing you to fully focus on the game. When you're done playing, simply press the button to rebound the ball and store it away, taking up no extra space in your home. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wava Dicki

So easy to set up and it doesn't take any space. I like how it allows my boy to both play by himself and play together with us!

Yasmeen Kuhn

Finally I can play balls with my kids without having to chase after the ball and pick it up all the time lol. That's some really smart design there!

Henry Stanton

10 minutes of Ping Pong time before dinner has become my family's new routine! We had so much fun with it :) Thank you!