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Phone/Earbuds Cleaner Kit

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Do you know scientists found that your phone is ten times dirtier than most toilet seats? And your uncleaned earbuds can introduce dirt and bacteria into your ears, causing allergic reactions, rashes, or even infections? Protect yourself by thoroughly cleaning your phone and earbuds. You’ll be astonished by how much dirt you can dig out from your phone and earbuds with our cleaning set. Plus, it’s a soothing and destress experience itself ;-)

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Can you imagine your face be 1 inch away from the toilet seats all day long? Disgusting, isn't it? Yet that's happening to you every day, as your phone and earbuds are probably 10X dirtier than your toilet seats and you hold them and put them in your ears all the time. It's super unhygienic, and sometimes can be even dangerous as it can cause all types of infection. Your phone and earbuds need to be thoroughly cleaned periodically!

Our cleaning set meets all types of cleaning needs for electronics. The design of different cleaning components makes sure that you can clean every tiny corner dirt where can hide. Give your phone and earbuds a "full-body bath" and protect yourself from bad bacteria. Plus the cleaning process becomes oddly satisfying with our cleaning set, so enjoy a moment of zen as well. 

Product Features

  • Flexible design and versatile use cases: Our 3-in-1 cleaning kit comes with a flocking sponge, a high-density brush and a metal pen tip, meeting a variety of electronics cleaning needs
  • Metal pen tip: even the dust and dirt has accumulated for years, it will be a piece of cake to clean it with our metal pen tip. It can be used to thoroughly clean the gap and seam on any electronic device
  • High-density brush: Easily brush the dirt on the sound outlet holes of the earphone or phone speaker away 
  • Flocking Sponge: Delicate and soft, can clean the dust in the wireless charging case or the phone screen
  • The compact size and dual head hidden design makes it convenient to take
  • this cleaning set with you wherever you go

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Size: 0.5" (13mm) X 4.25" (108mm)

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Customer Reviews

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Winston Pfannerstill

Fast delivery effective items very useful I recommend

Georgiana Hagenes


Mallie Stracke

As described. Very practical. I'll buy more for my kids.

Marcelino Sauer

Good quality and very useful for cleaning headphones and other recommended 100%

Christian Terry

Looks nice, works fine