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Zilarr Space Saver Bags

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Saving space has never been easier! Just place all your clothes/quilts into our  vacuum storage bag and turn on the electric pump to suck out all the air. The bag is not only powerful but also has a sturdy anti-moisture, anti-pest, and anti-dust material. Every family living in small apartment or a house that doesn't have much closet space should have it. Our vacuum storage bags help to reduce the clutter and make room for other stuff easily.

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Zilarr Space Saver Bags will free up space in your closet and make your life so much easier. Just put your clothes or quilts in the bags, and switch on the pump, you will suck all the air out of the bag in just seconds and save 80% of your storage space! Use for travel so you don't have to take a lot of luggage or for daily storage so you can add more space. Enjoy professional storage life brought by our vacuum storage bag!

Space Saver, Life Saver 

If you have a small closet and little space, our vacuum storage bag is for you. Designed for clothing and bedding, these vacuum bags help you easily organize your closet and keep your drawers tidy. With our vacuum storage bags, you can save up to 80% of your closet space and keep your clothes in great condition. Say goodbye to messy closets and say hello to more storage space! This not only saves your closet space, but also your mental space and could help you reduce some of the stress in your life too!

Sturdy bags

Our space saver bags are designed to protect your most valuable items from moisture, dirt, and bugs. Constructed from sturdy fabric, the vacuum storage bag provides reliable protection from moisture and dust. Each bag has 2 layers of protection - airtight seal to lock in air and anti-tear construction for a durable vacuum storage bag. We've made sure that each bag is durable enough to endure a variety of circumstances, so that nothing will be damaged or ruined while you're storing it. The double seal zipper technology guarantees that your bags will remain air and water tight until you open them again.

Easy-to-use electric pump

We upgraded our electric pump so that sucking the air out of bags is such a piece of cake. No longer requiring your hard work, the electric pump will help you automatically suck the air out of the storage bags in seconds. Save your back and organize your closet with a simple button press!

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Specification - Multiple sizes for your choice!

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Lenna Olson

Item came in good condition

Desmond Carter


Astrid Beier

For now they are super ok

Zetta Reichert


Madalyn Schaefer

Excellent, and this is not the first time I order them!