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360 Clean Set

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Introducing the 360clean Set - the ultimate silicone brush kit for your cleaning needs! This multi-functional set includes a bottle/cup brush, baby bottle and nipple brush, and a handy straw brush set. With a 360 degree brush head, it effortlessly cleans straws, bottle nipples, and interiors. The three-piece set comes with adorable detachable storage bases, making cleaning a breeze. Embrace the convenience of 360clean Set and keep every bottle/cup of your home spotless and sanitary!

What's included in the package

360Clean Set
- Straw Brush x1
- Nipple Brush x1
- Bottle Brush x1
- Storage x1

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So versatile! Love the brush for straws, makes my life easier. Great purchase! - Sarah H.

Versatile & Efficient Cleaning

The 360clean Set is designed to handle all bottles cleaning tasks effectively. The set includes specialized brushes for baby bottles, cups, and straws, ensuring no nook or cranny is left unclean. The 360 degree brush head enables easy cleaning of tricky spots like bottle nipples and straws, guaranteeing hygiene for your little one.

Convenient & Compact Storage

With adorable detachable storage bases, the 360clean Set keeps all the brushes neatly organized, making them readily accessible when needed. Say goodbye to scattered cleaning tools; this set ensures a clutter-free cleaning experience.

Safe & Durable Silicone Bristles

The silicone bristles are gentle on surfaces yet tough on dirt, making them safe for all types of bottles, cups, and straws. The durable design ensures a long-lasting cleaning solution, providing peace of mind to parents.

Multipurpose Household Helper

Not just for baby bottles, this set is versatile enough to tackle various household cleaning tasks. From water bottles and tumblers to sippy cups and more, the 360clean Set is a reliable and efficient cleaning companion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sarah H.

So versatile! Love the brush for straws, makes my life easier. Great purchase!

Michael W.

So convenient and versatile! A must-have for parents!

Jennifer P.

Makes bottle cleaning a breeze! So handy and cute!

Emily T.

Best baby bottle cleaning set! Love the adorable design!

Christopher B.

Versatile and efficient! Great for all bottles and cups.

Questions? We've Got You Covered!

Q1: Can I use the 360clean Set on glass bottles?
A1: Yes, the soft silicone bristles are safe to use on glass bottles, ensuring thorough yet gentle cleaning.

Q2: Is the silicone material BPA-free?
A2: Yes, the silicone material used in the 360clean Set is BPA-free and non-toxic, ensuring your baby's safety.

Q3: How do I store the brushes when not in use?
A3: The set comes with detachable storage bases, making it easy to keep the brushes neatly organized and ready for use.

Q4: Can I use the bottle brush for cleaning travel mugs?
A4: Yes, the bottle brush is suitable for cleaning various types of bottles, including travel mugs and sports bottles.

Q5: Can I use the straw brush for cleaning reusable metal straws?
A5: Yes, the straw brush set is suitable for cleaning reusable metal, plastic, and silicone straws.

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