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Poopster Toilet Mug

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Introducing the Poopster Toilet Mug, where humor meets functionality! With its funny toilet bowl shape and a playful poop pattern inside, this mug is sure to bring laughter and joy to your daily sips. Available in two options, with or without the poop pattern, this real mug is perfect for enjoying your favorite hot or cold drinks. Embrace the quirky side of life, make a statement, and brighten up your mornings with the Poopster Toilet Mug!

What's included in the package

- Poopster Toilet Mug x1
- Tea Spoon x1

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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This mug cracks me up every morning! Best way to start the day! - Lisa

Whimsical and Unique Design

Experience the funniest mug ever with the Poopster Toilet Mug. Its toilet bowl shape and poop pattern inside make it a truly standout and humorous addition to your mug collection. Start your day with a smile and enjoy endless giggles.

High-Quality and Versatile

Crafted with premium materials, this real mug is designed to withstand both hot and cold beverages. Whether you're sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a refreshing iced tea, the Poopster Toilet Mug is there to make your drink sessions a hilarious experience.

Two Options, Double the Laughter

We offer two options for the Poopster Toilet Mug: with or without the poop pattern inside. Choose the one that best suits your sense of humor and bring laughter to every sip. It's the perfect gift for pranksters, office humor enthusiasts, or anyone who loves a good laugh.

Memorable and Shareable Moments

With its cheerful and playful design, the Poopster Toilet Mug guarantees unforgettable moments and shared laughter. Use it as a conversation starter at parties or delight your friends and family with this whimsical gift. Every drink becomes an occasion for joy and amusement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Hilarious design

Hilarious design, great quality. I use it every day and always get a good laugh.


This mug cracks me up every morning! Best way to start the day!


The Poopster Toilet Mug is a hit at every party! So much laughter and fun.

Highly recommended

I've never seen a mug this funny! It never fails to make me laugh.


Awesome quality and hilarious design. Highly recommended!

Questions? We've Got You Covered!

Q1. Is the poop pattern permanent or removable?
A1. The poop pattern inside the mug is permanent and cannot be removed or altered.

Q2. Can I use this mug for cold drinks as well?
A2. Absolutely! The Poopster Toilet Mug is suitable for both hot and cold beverages, ensuring you can enjoy your preferred drink at any temperature.

Q3. Is the mug made from safe materials?
A3. Yes, the mug is made from ceramic materials, ensuring your safety while sipping on your drink.

Q4. Is the poop pattern visible from the outside of the mug?
A4. No, the poop pattern is only visible when you look inside the mug, creating a surprise element for anyone who takes a peek.

Q5. Can I use this mug as a decor piece?
A5. Absolutely! The Poopster Toilet Mug can add a touch of humor and whimsy to your kitchen or office space.

Q6. Is this mug suitable for a gag gift?
A6. Definitely! The Poopster Toilet Mug is an excellent choice for a hilarious gag gift that will have everyone laughing.

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