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Prankster's Toothpaste Top

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Introducing Prankster's Toothpaste Top - the ultimate toothpaste accessory that adds a hilarious twist to your daily routine. Compatible with 12/14mm toothpaste tubes, this cleverly designed toothpaste cap features a mischievous character pondering while squeezing out toothpaste from its rear end. Get ready to prank and delight as toothpaste takes a humorous and unexpected route!

What's included in the package

- Prankster's Toothpaste Top x1

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I gifted this to my friend, and we couldn't stop laughing! - Emily S.

Add Laughter to Your Oral Care

Prankster's Toothpaste Top brings a touch of comedy to your toothpaste tube. With its unique design featuring a whimsical character in contemplation, every squeeze becomes a delightful prank. Start your day with a smile and make brushing teeth a fun-filled experience.

Fits Most Toothpaste Tubes

Prankster's Toothpaste Top is compatible with 12/14mm toothpaste tubes, ensuring versatility and convenience. Simply attach it to your favorite toothpaste, and the prank can begin! It fits snugly and securely, allowing you to enjoy the amusement without any hassle.

The Perfect Gift for Fun-Loving Pranksters

Looking for a gift that will leave them in stitches? The Prankster's Toothpaste Top is here to save the day! This hilarious toothpaste cap is the ultimate surprise gift, guaranteed to bring endless laughter and memorable moments. Watch their faces light up as toothpaste squirts unexpectedly from the back of this cheeky cap. It's the perfect way to spread joy and make them smile from ear to ear. Get ready to be hailed as the best gift-giver ever with the Prankster's Toothpaste Top!

Novelty and Conversation Starter

Stand out from the crowd with Prankster's Toothpaste Top. Its unique and amusing design makes it a conversation starter and novelty item. Whether you have guests over or simply use it on your own, this toothpaste cap guarantees smiles, giggles, and curious inquiries. Get ready to share the laughter and brighten everyone's day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sarah L.

Everyone wants one now! So funny!

Lisa M.

Kids love brushing their teeth with this!

John D.

The prank never gets old. Highly recommended!

Olivia G.
So Entertaining!

Every squeeze is a surprise. So entertaining!

Emily S.

I gifted this to my friend, and we couldn't stop laughing!

Questions? We've Got You Covered!

Q1: Is Prankster's Toothpaste Top easy to clean?
A1: Yes, Prankster's Toothpaste Top can be easily cleaned with water and mild soap. Remember to detach it from the toothpaste tube before cleaning.

Q2: Can I reuse Prankster's Toothpaste Top on different toothpaste tubes?
A2: Yes, Prankster's Toothpaste Top is reusable and can be transferred to different 12/14mm toothpaste tubes for continued pranks and amusement.

Q3: Does it work with both gel and regular toothpaste?
A3: Yes, Prankster's Toothpaste Top is compatible with both gel and regular toothpaste. The hilarious prank remains the same, regardless of the toothpaste type.

Q4: Is Prankster's Toothpaste Top safe for children to use?
A4: Prankster's Toothpaste Top is safe for use by children under adult supervision. Ensure they understand the humor and are old enough to handle toothpaste responsibly.

Q5: Can I remove Prankster's Toothpaste Top after using it?
A5: Yes, you can easily remove Prankster's Toothpaste Top when not in use. Simply detach it from the toothpaste tube and keep it for future pranks or use.

Q6: How do I attach Prankster's Toothpaste Top to the toothpaste tube?
A6: Attaching Prankster's Toothpaste Top is simple. Just screw it onto the toothpaste tube's 12/14mm opening until it is securely in place. Enjoy the prank with every squeeze!

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